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Wrinkle Reduction

Wrinkle reduction treatment is one of the simplest most effective quick fixes to improve your looks. Simple yet effective, it can really make a difference, especially when used by a qualified practitioner who knows just how to get the best out of this unique approach.


We at the Priory Dental Centre offer both Muscle relaxant and Dermal Filler treatments.


Muscle Relaxant Wrinkle Reduction

A purified nerve-blocking agent is used to treat overactive facial and eye muscles. and works by blocking nerve transmission to specific muscles, putting those muscles to rest for up to six months. This produces a smoothing of the skin and loss of involuntary wrinkles; especially frown lines, crow’s feet, and horizontal forehead wrinkles. Relatively painless injections (3-12 depending on areas treated) are administered in the Treatment Suite with an acupuncture- size needle. Local anesthesia is not used because it is more uncomfortable than the injections themselves.


How the process works

The muscles around the eyes and forehead are attached to the underside of the skin. Every time you frown or squint, these muscles contract and pull your skin into a wrinkle. Over time, these wrinkles become deeper, and are eventually permanently etched into your skin. The serum that is used temporarily relaxes the muscles it is injected into. When the muscles on your forehead and around your eyes are relaxed, your skin can smooth out.


Dermal Filler Wrinkle reduction Treatment

This is the technique whereby a safe collagen type filler is injected into deep lined areas such as above the top lip and the nose to mouth area.



You will be provided with full details of treatment costs at your initial consultation.
Treatment costs will vary depending upon the area treated and the volume of drug injected. As a guide most procedures will cost between £250 and £300.


What results can I expect and how quickly?

A relaxing effect is noted by the end of the first week and continues for between three and six months. There is no change in sensation and no numbness. Many patients report a decrease in tension-type headaches and brow aches. The full effect provides a diminution of the deeper muscle wrinkles and softening of dynamic lines that occur during facial expressions in only the areas treated. Facial expression is maintained except for the vertical furrowing between the eyebrows.


Is there any down time?

Jogging, gym workouts and saunas should be avoided on the day of the procedure. It is a good idea to keep your head slightly elevated on the first night after treatment.


Are there any side effects?

The vast majority of patients have no side effects at all. About one in twenty patients may get a mild headache after the treatment. Rarely there may be a temporary eyelid weakness (ptosis) resulting from the injection, although this
is totally reversible over time. Occasionally there will be a minor asymmetry evident after the treatment, but again this reverses in time.


Who is not suitable for this treatment?

These serums can be used by almost anyone; however, patients who are pregnant, breast feeding or who have a neurological disease should not undertake the procedure.


Is this treatment safe?

These injections have been used by thousands of patients over the last 15 years. The serums are produced in a controlled laboratory, and given in extremely small doses. Although it is a toxin, it is safe and there have been no serious side effects reported. Following treatment you can immediately resume full activity.

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