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What are inlays?

If a cavity in a tooth is particularly large, your dentist may suggest an inlay instead of having a regular filling. In very large cavities you need a material that is going to 'bond' to your remaining tooth structure rather than just filling in the hole.


An Inlay is specifically designed in a laboratory to ensure it fits the cavity of your tooth like a filling. The exception is that the materials and glues involved in this procedure are far superior to anything your dentist can do on the spot, and are custom made for you.


Usually 2 visits are required. The first lasting approximately 30-45 minutes. When your dentist will 'prepare' your tooth in such a way that the Inlay can just slot in. They will then take impressions using putty which is then sent to the laboratory to be made - this takes 10-14 days. You will be given a temporary filling in between visits which your dentist can remove easily.


The second visit is needed in order to fit the inlay and doesn't tend to take as long as the preparatory stage. The tooth is etched to created a rough key, a glue is applied and then a cement is used to finalize the procedure. As soon as this is done and the cement made hard, you can treat the tooth like any other.

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